Saturday, August 16, 2014

Piano Society -- A Great Place for Pianists to Meet

I would like to invite all of the pianists here to visit the Web Forum "Piano Society". This is a group of people who enjoy playing piano and doing it well.  The group is international so you can enjoy learning about the musical experiences of people from Europe, South America, and other regions around the world as well as North Americans.

There is a very substantial library of recordings made by members over the years. Besides the standard repertoire, there is a lot available by composers of whom you may not have heard, but be thankful that you now have.

The forum contains a section to submit your own recordings for comments by members (both good and bad) that may also be placed in the library. There is a section for composers to submit their compositions for comments, as well as sections for various other aspects of piano music.  A newer section has been added for you to upload "Works in Progress" for comments that may help in your process of learning a new piece.  You will need to register to comment in these forums and to be able to submit your work.

Unlike boards like "Piano Street", standards for having recordings placed in the library are rather high (still keeping in mind that most of the performers are good amateurs) and must be approved by the moderators, they just can't simply be uploaded to the library.  The music is primarily "classical", meaning music that  Some of the older recordings may not be up to the standards expected today (the site has been around since about 2006).

If you are serious about piano, piano playing, and meeting other pianists from around the world, check this site out.  Here is the link again (it is also in the "Links Section" to the right):

Piano Society

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